Our Process: Spin pressure rubber mold casting.

What is it?

Our spin pressure casting process uses centrifugal force to produce castings such as badges, medals, name plates etc, from a rubber mold.

During this process, a disc-shaped mold is spun along its central axis at a set speed (hence the name 'spin'). The metal (ie pewter) is hand into the centre of the mold which continues to spin as the metal solidifies.

Why use spin pressure, rubber mold casting?

Spincasting MoldsSpin casting can be used as an alternative to plaster, sand or lost wax casting techniques which use single-use molds. Injection molding of plasstic or metal is expensive for small run items, due to the high cost of the precision metal dyes required.

Spin casting is a cost effective method used for the manufacture of promotional products, figurines, decorative and novelty items, ie belt buckles, pins, emblems, medallions, trophies, assorted souvenirs etc.

The Molds

Spincast MoldThe molds are made with a vulcanising process, ie heat softens the rubber, pressure forms the rubber around the master patter.  Heat cures the rubber, forming the mold.

The cured mold of your product is capable of producing hundreds/thousands of items.

Using a scalpel, channels are carved in the mold to allow the metal to fill the cavities.

The Metal

High detail castingTo produce high quality items, we use different alloys or pewter that have a relatively low melting poing.

This preserves the molds integrity.

The pewter is slow to solidify, improving the detail, quality and finish of the final items.

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